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Connecticut Energy
Connecticut Energy has a low rate per kilowatt hour for Business and Residential using Power in Connecticut. Energy in CT is Supplied from us at a lower rate then CL&P or UI offers, Connecticut Light and Power Company ( CL&P ) and United Illuminating Company ( UI ).

Lower Your CL&P or UI Electric Bill Today with CT Energy

Energy Rates


Would you like to save money on your electric bill?

CT Energy


CL&P or UI will still take care of your service, billing and emergencies!

Reduce your SAME CL&P or UI Electric Bill.


CT HOME electric rates CT BUSINESS electric rates

Same Energy, Same Bill, Same Service, just a lower Rate!

Change nothing, just lower The Rate you Pay.

Connecticut light and power or united illuminating.

Customer Testimonials

- "Signed up and I must say that I am very happy with the savings on my electric bill, I really did nothing and I still pay CL&P like nothing changed, except my lower electric bill thanks to you. I will be sure to send my friends and family members here to sign-up and save also."
Brad in Stamford, CT

- "I signed up in March of this year and it is one of the best decisions I made after moving into my new home. I have seen a significant savings and have had no negatives at all. I had been dreading the high cost of air conditioning my home over the summer. I highly recommend the switch to everyone interested in saving money."
Danielle in Middletown, CT

- "I signed up and received my first bill and I am very happy with the results. Thank you for the heads up and the savings. Now I can turn my air conditioning on this year and not worry about the bill as much, thank so much.
Sue in Hartford, CT


For Emergencies or New Electric Service contact CL&P or UI for Energy in Connecticut.

CL&P = Connecticut Light and Power 1-800-286-2000

UI = United Illuminating 1-800-722-5584

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